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Runaway CoolCamp - The most affordable way to Runaway AND Stay Cool! Includes: A/C, Striping, Cargo Box & 13” wheels) $ 2,995.00


Runaway Navigator - Includes: A/C, Striping, Cargo Rack, Diamond Plate front and fenders, 13” wheels, Chrome Center Caps and Lugs, Rear Hitch, LED taillights, Side Access Power Connection, Spare Tire and mount) $ 3,495.00


Runaway RangeRunner - Includes: 6x8 Double Door - INCLUDES:
(A/C, 15” wheels, Spare Tire, Chrome Center Caps and Lugs, LEDs, Rear hitch, Side Access Power Connection, Diamond Plate front and fenders, Ribbon Graphics) $ 4,995.00

The SLice - Includes 4x6'6" unit, 12" Radial tires with Custom Wheels, Diamond Plate Fenders and Front Guard, LED taillights, Color Graphics, Side Screened Windows, 40" Rear Door, A/C, and interior shelf. $3,295.00

ARE YOU READY TO RUNAWAY? Call us today or get started right now using PayPal to secure your order.

1.) Choose a CoolCamp, Navigator, RangeRunner or SLice and secure with a deposit. Please include a phone number with your order.
2.) We'll contact you within 24 hours about colors or other options you like to add.
3.) Pick up your new Runaway in two weeks or less, or have us arrange shipping through our nationwide network of commercial carriers.


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Be sure to include a phone number you can be reached within the next 24 hours and the best time to call. A sales representative will contact you to confirm your order and go over any other options you may like to add.

Other Options Available Include

  • Double Door for Navigator (check availability) - $300.00 _________
  • Rear Door for Navigator or RR (check availability) - $310.00 _________
  • Roof Rack $250.00 _________
  • Rear Window $150.00 _________
  • OutBack Package (Rear Door & Roof Rack) $500.00 _________
  • Rear/Extra shelf $25 ($45 for RR) Qty. F ____ R ____ X ______ _________
  • Corner Shelf $25 X ______ _________
  • Galley Shelf (must have rear door) $250 ($300 RR) _________
  • Front Cubbies $150 (4x8s) $200 (RangeRunners) _________
  • 13” Custom Wheels $250. _________
  • Spare/mount 13” $85, 15” ($95 cannot mount under) _________
  • 15" White Spoke upsize for 4x8s $150
  • 15” Custom Wheels $300. _________
  • Rear Diamond Plate $100 ($150 RangeRunner) _________

It's that easy... Don't You Wanna Runaway?

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